Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Women's involvement in the Civil Rights movement

During the civil rights movement, many groups of people contributed to the change for the better of African-Americans throughout the country.  These included students, political leaders, as well as everyday men and women.  The one group that has peeked my interest the most are african-american women of the movement. I would particularly like to look at the contributions of women in the movement. 
Most people know of the civil rights movement that started in the 1960's.  According to Reed, most if not many women aren't gven enough acknowledgement for their pivital roles during that time period (Reed pg. 4).  Instead most of the recognition are given to men like Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. (Reed pg. 2).  With that in mind, I couldn't help but to think about what I did in fact know about the women of the movement.  Women like Ella Baker, Septima Clark and Fanny Lou Hamer.
I quickly realized that not only did I never hear about these women but  I had no idea how or what they contributed to the civil rights movement.  This made me only want tot research and learn as much as possible about these strong women of color.
Through Reeds book, I gained knowledge of Ella Baker.  Ella Baker not only helped founded two key organizations of the movement but helped to run them as well (Reed pg. 4).  These organizations happened to be the Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC) and the Student Non-violent Coordinating Committee (SNCC), which was founded in 1961 (Reed pg. 5).
Many women contributed to the movement through the power of music.  During the civil rights movement freedom songs were created and sung continuously to get the message across to all people of different walks of life.
 The Civil rights movement would have never been accomplished without collective participation of different groups of people.  As a women myself, I cannot help but to find deep interest in the women that struggled so hard to create a better society in which we live today.

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  1. Hi Jamila - This is a great topic - as we discussed, you want to focus on one of these figures, and on a particular activist act they were involved in - that way you won't be doing a laundry-list biography. Take a look at the notes to that chapter in Reed as one place to start finding sources.